Sunday 24 June 2012

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

On waking I can hear the rain outside. However, I feel I need the exercise, my bike ride opportunities have been a little erratic recently as it's a busy time of year for us. If the rain's really heavy I can always cut my route short, let's see how we get on...

Off at about 8am, leaving the village behind.

Hawthorn tree, gate and tumbledown dyke.

I am struck by just how many wild flowers there are on the road verges, it makes me realise how long it is since I've been out in the countryside. Already I'm glad I've made the effort today as there's so much I would have missed otherwise.

Did you notice that both the wild roses I photographed have a little beastie resting on them?

Gate and posts.
A favourite photogenic post. The rain's quite heavy at this point and I'm having to shelter the camera lens with my hand to take photos.

Here is the reason I decided to set off in this direction. I remembered there was a little patch of poppies here, If I didn't catch them this week they'd likely be gone by the next time I make it out. Farm buildings are in the distance.

Shortly after this point I head onto a B road. Not terribly busy but the cars travel quickly and I usually find I quicken my pace too, just so I can get off it sooner. However, today I am rather enjoying it and decide to modify my route to stay on it a little longer. I'm fairly bombing along! When I do eventually turn off onto a side road I realise why, blooming wind! Fine when it's behind you, but not so good from the side or from the front which I'll no doubt need to face later on. Never mind, the rain has stopped and I'm enjoying being out and about.

Cows sitting out the rain.

Ox-eye daisy.

Sections of the road I'm on now can be quite bad for fly tipping. It's actually pretty clear today, until I spot quite an unusual rubbish pile...

...the biggest scallops I've ever seen. I wonder why they've been dumped, they'd cost a fortune. Anyway, the road improves a little further on...

Looking behind, love the foxgloves lining the road on the right.

Looking ahead. Lots of poles.

And to the side. Bramble blossom in the foreground, threatening clouds above.

A few miles further on and I'm back on another B road. I don't usually take many photos from B roads as I feel I need to get off the road if I'm stopping, unlike on the quiet twisty back roads where you can drift along in the middle of the road for miles without the worry of meeting a car. I always stop here though, there's a little spot on the verge where it's easy to pull off the road and I do like the view. Today it's very green and there are a couple of swallows diving around after insects, too fast for me to capture them on camera.

I have been along this lane before, but I remember it being full of huge puddles so I don't bother today. Another (drier) time...

A close-up of one of the many foxgloves I passed. Also of note were the abundance of wild roses, the elderflower trees in full bloom, the ox-eye daisies and patches of red campion.

A view of patchwork fields. The lighter fields are where the grass has been cut (not ripening wheat!)

There's a little white cottage in the distance through these fence posts.

A favourite tree on the skyline. New, bright bramble leaves in the foreground.

On a bit further. The rain has started again. I don't mind too much, I'm about to join one of the nearby cycle paths and it's a gentle eight miles or so downhill to home (apart from the last mile where there are three steep hills, but I'll deal with them when I get to them)

I pause in the rain for a photograph of these sheep and the yellow poppies.

The tree at the corner, just before I leave the cycle path and tackle those hills, then home.


Gillian Roe said...

Such lovely wild flowers, especially the foxgloves. Gorgeous. Well done you for going out on your bike in the rain - you must've gone quite a way! I would stay in bed and drink tea if it were me, but I am lazy. :-)

Peeriemoot said...

Oh blimey, I've had a lazy lie in the last two days - guilt guilt! I should try cycling.

There was a pile of dumped scallop shells near us when I was a kid - we loved playing with them and trying to climb the 'scallop mountain' :-D.

Julie said...

Well done for going out - it has been pretty wet here too. We went down to North Berwick last night and near;y got blown away!

Kate said...

Good for you getting up so early to exercise! Thank you for all the pictures; I love the foxgloves. I hope you didn't get too wet; make sure you stay warm and dry the rest of the day.

Mereknits said...

Beautiful photos as usual, love the clouds and the rain. Today it is like a monsoon here in Florida with Tropical Storm Debby dumping a ton of rain on us. So cozy to be inside, no way am I venturing out on my bike!

rockinloubylou said...

I really love your bike rides. I feel I've been out there with you. The photo of the tree with the bright bramble leaves is my favourite. I'm very struck by the dumped scallops. Is that the same road where you found the dumped dolls gazing at you? Very David Lynch-y.

The homesteadingcottage said...

What lovely shots! I just found your blog and became a new follower (: Can't wait to come back for more posts...Hope you have a lovely week!!


Anonymous said...

So enjoy going on your cycle ride - thanks for taking us along with you.
Hope you picked up some scallop shells to adorn your garden?

Claire said...

It looks like it was very damp Ann, but good on you for getting out into it......

Lovely photos and those Foxgloves are just gorgeous. i keep looking at the seedlings I just planted trying to imagine them in flower, hmmmm.......fingers crossed.

People fly tipping out in the country would really make me cross. I hate it that people have such little regard for the countryside and their surroundings, grrrr.......

Sorry to end on a grumpy note, hehe....

Claire :}

sue said...

Lovely cycle even in the rain! Once you're out it's always fine isn't it and everything looks very pretty when it's wet!

Anonymous said...

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