Sunday 27 February 2011

Sunday Morning Bike Ride

Birdsong and brightness - the two things which I immediately notice outside this morning.

I set off about 8am, the glorious sunshine encourages me.

At the junction at end of this road I turn left, the road then climbs quite steeply through and beyond a nearby village.

Looking across the strath during the climb. The folly can be seen in the centre, standing grey amongst the many white farm buildings dotting the hills.

Over the top and I reach the reservoir. Wild geese are honking loudly here.

The favourite gate post.

Copper hedge, green fields and red corrugated iron barn.

After this point I follow some new-to-me roads. They're nice enough but rather unremarkable and I don't bother to stop to take any photos for a long while.

By this point I'm starting to head back towards home. This lovely little beech tree catches my eye - a couple of little beech nuts still remain on the branches amongst the swelling leaf buds.

I stop off at the nature reserve and pop into one of the bird hides which affords some nice views of the loch. There is a heron in the middle distance on the far left of the photo.

Branches, I just thought they looked nice through the letterbox shaped window of the hide.

Snowdrops carpet the woodland floor. I can hear woodpeckers drumming.

Then straight back home along the cycle path, passing to the north of the folly (I passed to the south of it on the way out)

20.5 miles (I remembered to switch my bike computer on this trip!).


Anonymous said...

Fabulous journey, beautiful photos - I could hear the woodpeckers too. Thank you!

Teresa Kasner said...

Dear Anne, thanks for taking me on your bike ride today. It's cold and damp here in Oregon and we had a freeze the last several days and all our poor Snowdrops wilted over!

Hugs from Oregon.. :-)

Jacquie said...

Wow , fabulous bike ride .Love the snowdrops and blue skys .
Jacquie x

Simone said...

A wonderful bike ride with stunning scenery. x

rockinloubylou said...

Only 20 miles? For you that's a spin round the block!
What amazing things you see when you are out exploring. I love your blog for letting me share those little moments of wonder and discovery.

Marg said...

More beautiful photos, I really look forward to seeing your bike ride each week.
Love the snowdrops and that beautiful blue sky.

Julie said...

What a beautiful trip. And fantastic weather too. We have it as well, lets hope it lasts a while. Juliex

Heldasland said...

All I can say is lucky lucky you.Im so jealous what a treat

Apples and Pears said...

Wow! What a truly beautiful cycle route....a great way to spend a Sunday morning x

Cathy said...

Where on earth do you get those intensely blue skies from Anne? We only seem to have dull grey and cloudy down here. Your blues are almost painful they are so brilliant. I love the snowdrops. I would love to photograph some close up but that means practically lying on the ground and it is not that sort of weather...ah well.

Love the crochet scarf and the dusky blues and pinks and purples are beautiful.


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