Saturday 5 February 2011

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

Breakfast: 1 roll with butter & banana, 4 bourbon biscuits (would have had more biscuits but I was interrupted/discovered), glass of water.
Weather: Grey but not actually raining and not too cold.
Depart: about 9am.

Patchwork fields and tree. I often take a photo of this view if I'm starting off in this direction. The colours of the landscape change so much with the seasons and the weather that the resulting photo is always different.

A little ridge of trees silhouetted against the sky. Centre left a rook is perched on top of one of the trees, far right a plane has just taken off and is climbing into the sky.

Another tree and perching bird silhouette (a recurring theme, I like them). Rain soaked hills in the distance.

Reflections in a big puddle covering the road. It's not too deep - I make it through without getting my feet wet.

Soggy landscapes. We've had a bout of stormy wet weather the last couple of days. Water is all around gushing and gurgling down the sides of the roads and fields.

The wind during the storms has blown branches and other debris onto the roads. Pine cones are strewn around and look like an glut of fat slugs. They're actually rather pretty (prettier than slugs any day!) and I gather a few to take home.

Horses and raincoats.

Mossy velvety stone walls and balls of cotton wool sheep.

Renovation project anyone?

Here I liked the lines of trees, hedges and field colours.

Some bright colour - copper leaves and emerald moss.

This weeks cow shot. My turn to interrupt a breakfast.

Yes, the roads really are this quiet. It's rare to meet a car on the little lanes - just farm vehicles really as there are enough main roads around to accomodate the traffic and they are quicker and more direct for car travel. I often amble along in the middle of the road or on the wrong side, - depending where the best views lie.

Bike shot. Almost at the top...

...made it, now looking over the other side across the Clyde to the hills of Cowal.

Lovely! However, all these downhills take me back down pretty much to sea level so there are plenty more uphills to come before home.

I struggle a little with the hills this week. It's a longer and hillier route than last week, however, pausing to catch my breath allows me to admire the view. This view back down the hill is "enhanced" by a cheery orange traffic cone perched on a fence post.

I don't take many photos on the way home, but I do stop when I see...
...lambs! I think I must be one of the first with my new lamb photos this year, surely. They're a special breed which produce early lambs so it is cheating, a little.

This amazing bank of snowdrops also stops me in my tracks. Just long enough for a photo, then I'm off home, just in time for lunch.


Apples and Pears said...

Oh it looks so beautiful. The views themselves would be so uplifting and invigorating, even without the exercise! Love that pine cone too x

Teresa Kasner said...

Anne, thanks so much for taking me along on the ride. Loved the faraway views, the puddle shot, the lambs and especially the patch of Snow Drops! Mine are about to the point I can photograph them. YAY!

Hugs from Oregon USA... Teresa

Jennyff said...

You are so good getting out and exercising, you deserve the full packet of bourbon biscuits.

Lyn said...

Another lovely post, and spring has got to be on the way!
I think i would fancy the renovation project-just my size!

Lesley said...

Oooh - LOVE that first picture. Might have to pinch that one too to work up into another painting (I haven't started yet, but I'm determined!).
So wet everywhere! I remember when we took our kids to Scotland in 1996, must have been October, and the poor parched little Australians could not get over how much water there was everywhere, running down the heathery hills, in puddles and streams and lochs. They loved it.

Simone said...

I am so happy that you are back on your bike rides. I have missed them!!! I just love the scenery so much. You have so much sky there! The pine cone must have been a lovely treasure to find. I am sorry you were 'discovered' whilst eating your bourbons!

Anonymous said...

yet more great photos - keep cycling!!

Anonymous said...

Fabulous post! I just found your blog. I really enjoyed coming with you on your bike ride. I've just started doing photo-walks, as I prepare to leave the UK sometime in the next year. It's a great way to keep a journal of life> I shall be back for more.

Diane said...

Ive missed your bike rides - what stunning views! xxxxx

caravanartist said...

Gorgeous views - such a lovely part of the country. Must mend my puncture and get the bike out!

Cathy said...

So love all your photos Anne. Your landscapes leave me wanting to move up there with you..haha.

Michelle Glauser said...

I just ran into your blog and I must say it is absolutely beautiful. Thanks for all your posts.


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