Tuesday 7 September 2010

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

The morning began with a beautiful sky.

This is the eastern sky taken from the garden just before setting off at about 07:20. I follow my favourite road out of the village.

A little bit of hazy mist lies along the strath. Here you can see the folly through the mist with crossed telegraph wires above.

A cow poses before the Clochoderick stone at the cross roads where I turn right, still following my favourite route. Just behind me a cow in the field to the left has just given birth, her new calf lying deep in the grass (no photo as Mum still had afterbirth bits dangling!)

Trees through the hazy morning.

Early Autumn colour on the right (a horse chestnut tree), and leafy shadows on the fence post.

Just after this point I decide to take a right and head up a road that I've always wanted to cycle up but hadn't yet dared to - it's a dead end road past lots of farms, sometimes in these situations you're made to feel like you're cycling on a private road which I don't like. However, it turned out that this one was absolutely fine, no gates across the road or anything, and it was definitely worth it for the views...

Quite early on I pass an old abandoned cottage.

Red rowan berries against blue sky.

Pylons fade away into the hazy distance.

And my reward... at the end of this dead end road lies Kaim Dam reservoir.

I climb up the steps to get a better look...

So still and peaceful. It's possible to cycle/walk round for a few miles, so I do just that.

I even climb a hill up to this cairn to get another view of the reservoir.

And also to see what's on the other side of the hill, just forest as far as the eye can see.

I get wet feet from tramping through the long dew-soaked grass.

One last look.

Now heading back down the hill, still enjoying the hazy views towards the south east.

I like this little building. It has a huge chimney out of shot to the right, I'll need to try and find out more about it.

The folly again in the distance.

And again, with yet more telegraph poles.

So many cows.

Almost home...

Hubby has been busy before he left to to take A & N to the swimming. I eat six, three with just butter and three with butter and jam, yum.

I've had to write the blurb in a little bit of a hurry, will be back later today to add just a couple more things...

It's about 6hrs later and I'm back... I think after all I'll leave my post pretty much as it is though I did want to comment on how strong the perfume of the himalyan balsalm is at this time of year and there is quite a lot of it about here particularly on the road I took out of the village. Also, I had my cycling computer working this week - just 16 miles on the bike and a mile or so walking at the reservoir, much less strenuous than last week!


Anonymous said...

Oh, I really enjoyed the journey, thank you! Would love the gate to be the entrance to our cottage, isn't it cute?

periwinkle said...

i really love the routes you take , always beautiful things to look at . I think I'd be openeing that gate and having more of a peek at the abandoned cottage :-)

tammykingdon said...

What exquisite photos! You are truly blessed

Julie said...

What another great route. Kaim reservoir looks so peaceful. What a perfect return to fresh pancakes - I really nee to convince John he can make something more than curry (which at the moment makes my stomach churn!). Juliex

Diane said...

You deserve 6 after yet another mammouth ride. xxxx

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I've been a bit blog reading/commenting absent for a while but so nice to catch up with you today and especially nice to see such lovely photos. I am having reservoir envy :)

M's new 'hobby' is also bike riding, he rode to work today in London, not nearly as pretty as your ride I am sure, but I'm still impressed he made the effort as it's a long way.


Simone said...

Beautiful countryside pictures. I wish that I was surrounded by such beautiful land and wish I could cycle too!!!

Funkymonkey said...

You make me feel very lazy. I must say breakfast looks right up my street.


rockinloubylou said...

lovely bike ride and delicious pancakes. you really know how to get the most out of your precious me time. I have nominated you for a blog award as you are my absolute favourite blog. It's the Dorset Cereals one. Get all your pals to vote and you might win a cereal bar for your morning cycles!

Dawn said...

Hi! Just got the lovely parcel from you for the book giveaway. Its all gorgeous - thanks so much,


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