Wednesday 11 August 2010


What have we been up to so far this August? Well nothing much as usual! The weather has been mostly still quite cool and damp. The garden is very green but the late summer flowers are now blooming so it's more colourful than it has been recently.

One of my favourite shrubs is hydrangea. I love all the different shades of purply pinks and blues as the flower heads develop. I do have quite a few of these in the garden (five at the last count!) and they're all different types and colours. The one above is my favourite, it's a lace cap and is therefore a little more delicate than the more common mop heads. The dragonflies like it too!

We also have a giraffe in the garden, it was created by A.

A bit of the back garden. The grass is still nice and green thanks to our high rainfall - since moving here I don't think there's ever been a time when it's been possible to sit on the grass without getting a damp bottom!

We picked some flowers for pressing but never got round to the pressing part.

Then I took A & N off to visit my parents for a few days. We stayed for five nights - probably too long as I was reverting to a huffy teenager again by the time we left. Hubby joined us via the train for the weekend.

I got new shoes! Here they are in my Mum's garden.

My Mum likes her roses, this is my favourite one. I appreciate roses in other people's gardens but can't really be bothered with them in my own.

She also likes clematis, my favourite is this purple one.

Sunflower face.

Hubby & I went for an evening stroll along the river on the last night.


But, it was nice to get back home to our own house.

And today we're all getting haircuts. I've got very thick and curly hair which hairdressers seem to find a challenge to cut the way I like so here's hoping all will go well today! I don't bother getting it blow dried - hairdressers seem to take this as an opportunity to see just how curly they can get it and I end up looking like a poodle.

Go to go now, the small boy has had me up since 5:30am as usual but is even more grumpy than normal this morning...


Helsie said...

Hi Anne,
It's always great to hear about your life in Scotland - even the day to day mundane stuff. That walk along the river looks lovely but what is the pretty pink flower?

We've got a giraffe in our garden too ( well next door's anyway! See tomorrows post. I bet you'll be surprised !)

periwinkle said...

lovely flowers , it's been really damp and rainy here too - not much sun at all

rockinloubylou said...

wow, that photo with the pink clouds reflected in the water is just amazing. Know what you mean about becoming a huffy teenager again when you go home!

Dawn said...

Hope the haircut went well!
Love that photo of the river - just lovely!

Unknown said...

Favorite posting today so far. That last picture is postcard perfect. Need to be blown up really really big, framed and hung on a center master wall. Love, love, love.....

Kate -T.G.B.

Posy Linda said...

Hi Anne: Thanks for the lovely photos. Its great to come home isn't it? Those shoes are pretty sweet!

Cathy said...

Love all the flowers Anne and that shot of the lake is gorgeous. You seem to get great clarity in your photos - camera or good old Scottish air?


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