Wednesday 18 August 2010


We didn't go to the beach after all. Monday was cool with overcast skies, Sunday's warmth and sunshine just a teasing hint of summer after all.

So instead we went shopping. Not clothes shopping (why would I - it's expensive, time consuming, reminds me I'm not the size I want to be...) but stationery shopping (Yes! cheap, quick and post baby tummy condition of no relevance). I'd spotted a lovely little set of drawers on Lavenderhouse's blog. I'd never even heard of Wilkinsons and assumed it was one of those seemingly fabulous shops that don't actually exist in Scotland (like Waitrose, though to be honest they do now have a couple of stores in Glasgow & Edinburgh). I digress, a quick check of the Wilkinson's store finder revelaed there to be a branch within 10 miles of us. The fact that A was starting school this week provided further justification for our pencil buying trip.

And here is my own little drawer box, plus a few other items from the range (and a lantern from poundland). Box £2.46, pack of 4 pencils 35p, notebook 97p and pencil tin 97p. I think I may go back and get some more! It also happens to be very close to where hubby works so perhaps we may make a lunch date too, would be nice!

The little owl notebook (55p) above was also from Wilkinsons, as were the cupcake erasers (to use the term acceptable to any US readers!). A's lovely new pencil case was made by Debbie from DinkyDaisy.

All was carefully loaded into her new packpack and on Tuesday she donned her new uniform and shoes and off she went to school for the first time. So far so good! She's enjoying it and didn't mind going back today.

Yeasterday evening I managed to get out for a walk. It was such a lovely evening and I just needed to get out for an hour or two to myself.

The moon has risen, see above right.

At about 9pm I tried to take a photo of the moon from the garden but it wasn't very good. Instead I like how this one of the agapanthus has turned out - the blues fairly shine out in the gloaming.

On to today, and a pea update. They're delicious! But we're having to share them with the jackdaws and magpies and they're being greedy. Next year we'll need to net them.


Hazel said...

Oh crumbs. Now I have to go find a Wilkinsons! x

penelope10 said...

The pix are lovely! Love school supplies, especially those!

Diane said...

How sweet does she look! Hope she continues to like it. Agapanthus - one of my faves! Ive not been in Wilkinsons for years - i'll have to pop in for a visit. I prefer "Buns" to cupcakes - sounds so much naughtier! xxxx

Lesley said...

Off to school - big sigh!

May I snaffle that gorgeous pic under the one of your daughter? I have some paintings in mind and I just love the big twist in the landscape that this photo presents. I'll give you a credit!

rockinloubylou said...

Wilkinsons here I come. Your wee girl looks so sweet, all ready for school.

Jackie said...

Oh my goodness!! What absolutely fabby stationery ~ I must find out if there is a Wilkinson's store near me! I have to confess that I have never heard of them before but they seem to have some lovely stuff at very reasonable prices too! Your little girl looks lovely in her new school uniform and I'm glad that she is enjoying school. My two went back today and I can't quite believe that my eldest has just gone into P7 ~ it doesn't seem that long since her first day at school either! :O) xx

Jackie said...

Just to say that I have found this lovely Wilkinsons store online too!! I can feel an order coming on!!

topchelseagirl said...

There is some gorgeous stationery about these days isn't there.

Posy Linda said...

All of these items are so colorful and bright. Your daughter is lovely in her uniform. I always enjoy your photos.

Dancing Beastie said...

Beautiful pictures - I especially love that luminous blue of the agapanthus. My wee one started school this week too. Quite a moment when the baby in the family goes to school!

Cathy said...

Great buys Anne. You can certainly spot a bargain. I love the patterns on the drawer box and notebooks. I agree with you. I am no friend of clothes shopping - would far rather go and hunt around in a good book shop given the choice.

The kids down this way have a couple of weeks left before returning to school. The time has flown by. A looks lovely in her uniform and pink backpack.

Jacey said...

So sweet in her big girl school uniform, and such lovely photos.


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