Sunday 25 April 2010

Saturday Morning Bike Ride and a Few Other Things

Well, when I looked out the bedroom window first thing it seemed to me as if it was going to rain, so I set off just intending to do a short 1-2 hr route.

I head off on the road up the hill through the trees. The squirrels seem very busy at the moment, sometimes I don't see any, othertimes there are loads scuttling about and crashing through the branches.

I always like when I reach the top of the hill as it all suddenly seems very peaceful.

A view from the top.

Getting a little closer to the lambs now.

I've been spotted! She's fine though and doesn't run away and cause one of those mad sheep stampedes!

The tree mound and red gate post.

I like the contrast of the copper hedge and the green fields.

Pussy Willow.

A tree silhouette. The trees won't be bare branched for much longer, buds are starting to burst open.

Mossy Stones.

The peacock! I've often glimpsed him when I've come this way. This is the best view I've had of him so far.

Still not showing off his tail though.

Looking up the road to my left from where I've just taken the last photo.

This interesting little raised summerhouse is nearby. The roof is greatly in need of repair, I hope they get it fixed and don't let it become a ruin.

In the end it didn't rain so I could have gone for a longer run. However, I realise I've forgotten my pump (not that I've ever needed to use it (yet!)), and I also remember that there's a jumble sale on in the village from 10-12, I've time to nip home for a shower then back out for some bargain hunting!

For the grand total of £6.50 (includes £1.50 entry) I get 8 books, a bundle of clothes for A & N, a huge spicey orange coloured velvet curtain (to be used to back my tapestry cushions (at last!)) and a woollen picnic blanket. Not bad.

Earlier on in the week I spy this in TK Maxx. Look at those lovely little crocheted circles, such gorgeous colours too. They'd look great in my sitting room! It's not a blanket though...

... just the collar of a very nice girl's cardigan. I buy it as part of a birthday present for one of A's friends.

Last week I also received my giveaway goodies from Cathy at One Pink Goose. I picked the sheep from the selection of prints on offer, he just had a great expression. Cathy very generously also included several of her cards in her own designs.

This one is my favourite. I'm going to put it in a frame and hang it in our kitchen.

Talking of giveaways...

...earlier in the week I finally cleared my desk so that I could start work on my own giveaway prize. And, I managed to get two items finished too...

...they're on display in my living room though I'll be surprised if anyone mangages to spot them in amongst all our other bits and pieces (you should have seen the room before I tidied up - I did take a photo and considered posting it but in the end I decided that I didn't really want to mess up my blog!).

I've a garden post I want to do (before it all changes too much!) then I'll finally do my giveaway post, hope it's worth the wait...


topchelseagirl said...

Your living room looks nice and cosy, I like the clock on the mantlepiece. It looks like you had a lovely ride as usual, love those mossy stones.

Lyn said...

I do LOVE your bike rides! and what bargains you found at the jumble sale, You don't hear of many these days, they went out of fashion when charity shops popped up.

periwinkle said...

I can't believe you have a wild peacock - wow .... I hope they fix that roof too , would be such a pity if they didn't

Yiota said...

Ok. I've spotted a boat on the fireplace and a birdie on the TV.
Loved the bike ride as always!

Jennyff said...

You are so good getting out on your bike when you have such an inviting and cozy living room. Your home and the area around you seem so peaceful it's a pleasure to read your post.

Diane said...

Fabulous bargains - and IU love your cosy living room. xxxxx

Funkymonkey said...

I love your sitting room. It's so cosy and inviting. I bet it really doesn't get messy.


Marie said...

Great post, you gave us lots to enjoy!

Julie said...

Some lovely countryside shots again. The peacock is great.

Very impressed with your haul from the jumble sale. It looks like you're good at searching properly - or maybe it was just a high quality jumble sale?! The cardi is lovely - I bet it will be much appreciated.

Simone said...

Fancy seeing a peacock whilst out on your bike ride! I like the chicken card very much. I would get it framed too!


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