Friday 15 January 2010

The other crochet cushion cover.

This granny square cushion cover has been "in progress" for a few months now and is the first crochet project I started since catching the crochet bug back in the middle of last year. I enjoyed making up the little granny squares (courtesy of the tutorial by Lucy at Attic24) but I haven't enjoyed sewing in all the ends and crocheting the squares together. I'm glad I only did enough squares for a cushion cover and am not faced with blanket sized proportions!

Last night I finished joining the squares and I've just 9 more ends to sew in. I'm still ages away from a "tada" moment though as I need to find something to use for the back of the cover and then join it all together. Hmmm, perhaps I'll attempt a little crochet flower or something for my next project so that I have the pleasure of completing something in under a year!

We just need a pink dinosaur and then they'll match the cushion cover colours!

Taking decent interior photos at the moment is just impossible with the low light levels at this time of year, using the flash just makes colours look wrong... here is the only photo I'm sharing of my rearranged living room. It's the first traditional stained glass piece I made about 15 years ago. It had been languishing in the spare room as it didn't suit the old living room colour scheme, but now I've covered up the faded red sofa and armchair with throws it actually goes quite well.

Bits of the garden are reappearing from under the snow. These lovely deep pinky-red buds of the flowering currant make me rather happy! Soon I'll be able to see how many of the bulbs I planted in the autumn will be making an appearance - lots I hope.

I'm also looking forward to the time when this little fellow decides there are better things to do than stand on my feet whenever I'm trying to make dinner!

Thanks to the most recent post by Cathy of One Pink Goose I was reminded that I had an unopened tin of biscuits in the cupboard (one of those emergency Christmas presents that you'd really quite like to keep for yourself). The tin design appealed to me...

... and the biscuits aren't too bad either. However, I really must get back out on my bike soon!


Yiota said...

You are so creative! I love your work! I wasn't a fan of stained glass until I saw your work.
And ... yes, please go on your bike rides again! You'll get the exercise and we'll get the eye candy!

Gill said...

i'm learning to crochet too! lots of granny squares but i haven't finished crocheting them altogether yet!!


Anonymous said...

I love the stained glass, such pretty colours. I had almost forgotten about having children permanently attached to your trousers/skirt! It wasn't long ago Charlie was permanently swinging off mine, it's amazing how quick you forget these bits.

Yummy looking biscuits!

Lyn said...

Well done on the crochet so far. My blanket is taking f...o..r..e...v...e...r!
mmm those biscuits look lovely.

Helsie said...

It never ceases to amaze me how talented people are out there in the world. I love your stained glass - just beautiful . I'm so glad it is out on show again. Do you have more to show us?

rockinloubylou said...

love your dinosaur cushion and your little boy peeping up from under the chopped turnip!

Unknown said...

Aren't those end a real pain. You think you are done, but still have a ways to go. The same goes for the blankets for me. I think I'm done and then I have to do all the edge and trim.

Your's is looking great and I think the dino. are perfect.

Cathy said...

That crochet cushion will be well worth it when you finally finish it Anne. The colours are lovely. Crochet flowers are beautiful too though. Hope you are enjoying those biscuits. They are off the menu for me now I am back to the diet but I love my tin to bits.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kate said...

I made one granny square rug last May/June stitched it together but never sewed in the ends and probably never will. I have been madly crochet obsessed since then but I never start projects that take more than a couple of days. The colours you have used will make a lovely cushion.


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