Tuesday 26 January 2010

A Dining Room Corner.

On Sunday we finally had our turkey Christmas dinner. (Illness and disorganisation had prevented us having it on 25th Dec).

First of all the dining room needed a bit of a clean up as it was suffering from more than a little neglect.

Houseplants have to be tough to live here, the ones above which live on the dining room window sill have not even been repotted since before we moved in 7 years ago. Just removing the dead leaves though makes a huge improvement to their appearance.

Also on this window sill is another of the stained glass panels that I made at evening class. This one is of a lovely bright sunfower which brings colour to the room even on dull days. It's made using the lead came method.

Before it can be used I have to clear the dining table of the huge piles of clean washing which normally linger there en route to being taken upstairs at some later date.

I then set the table for just the three of us (plus N in his high chair). No guests so stress-free.

It's so nice to see this room finally tidy! I know it won't be for long though but never mind.

A close-up of the picture on the wall - it's a page from a huge M&S calendar that I got framed in return for selling some leaded mirrors through a local gallery.

For Christmas I'd been given this bottle of wine and was told it was a "good" one. I'm not a wine buff by any means, I tend to stick to merlot & shiraz for red and pinot grigio for white. Hubby takes A out for some fresh air, N takes a lovely long nap and I get down to some wine tasting while getting the turkey and all the trimmings ready.


Just as well you can't see the other corner of the room though - I didn't get as far as tidying it!


rockinloubylou said...

very festive. Love the star lights in your window and the beautiful sunflower. I like your idea of tidying - just keep your back to the messy corner and focus on the tidy bits!

Diane said...

You could have surely squeezed me in!! It looks so lovely. xxx

Yiota said...

Everything looks lovely and we have the same 'system' of tidying up! :)

Lyn said...

Merry Christmas!


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