Tuesday 24 June 2014

Which is Your Favourite?

Our local show is fast approaching so I've hastily selected some photos to enter. Before they go before the eyes of the judges I'd like to hear your opinions please!

There are two categories:

First up are the entries for "Class 43 COLOURED SNAP, PEOPLE OR ANIMALS (postcard size or smaller in folder)"...

I'm hoping the evil cat look might appeal.

A different cow line-up won me a first prize one year.

 Just a cabbage white, but I liked the angle and clarity of the shot.

A painted lady, a type of butterfly that I almost never see in our garden. This particular one was one of six that arrived as caterpillars in the post one day, part of a butterfly garden set A had received for her birthday. I doubt though that the judges will know how unusual they are here. Often people confuse them with small tortoiseshell butterflies which are much more common. In turn, other people (even less well informed), confuse small tortoiseshell butterflies with red admirals whose name is more familiar but whose presence is rarer. I'm hoping the judges will like the contrast of the butterfly and hydrangea colours.

A examining a stalk of grass in a golden field on a beautiful day. I don't think it's what the judges will be looking for as the figure is very small, but you never know...

Now for my possible entries for the second category:

"Class 42 COLOURED SNAP, LANDSCAPE OR FLORA (postcard size or smaller in folder)

 Fantastic clouds over Robin Hoods Bay.

 The Quarrier's Warriors.

 Allium seed head.

 Sheep and mists.

 Daisy (with a hoverfly sneaked into shot)

 Rowan berries on a sunny day.


 Buttercups (from 2013 when they were amazing)

Sunset at Dunure, notice the seagull perched on the right.

So, what do you think? Which are your favourites? I'll probably enter three in each category. Exciting!

At the beginning of this post I mentioned it was a hasty selection. The reason why? Well...

I started doing this to our living room! After three weeks of constant work I'm glad to say it's almost all done. I'm just putting back all the stuff now and I love the end result - it was worth all the muck and grafting. Photos soon!


Unknown said...

Hi there in your first section I prefer the one examining the grass stalk, there is a good sense of scale with the vivid blue sky against the person and the single puffy cloud. In the second I prefer the misty morning with the sheep, simply I love thge atmospheric feel to it.

Amy at love made my home said...

They are all stunning, I would find it impossible to choose which ones to enter, so I am glad that I am not the judge, that must be very difficult!! Whichever ones you pick, I hope that they do really well for you - they deserve to!!! Good luck! xx

Mereknits said...

Oh my goodness, you would win first place in every category if it was up to me, they are all stunning.

driftwood said...

they are all truly gorgeous

RedSetter said...

What wonderful pictures- all amazing and special in their own way.

Ladybird Diaries said...

Your photos are all gorgeous! However, for the first category, I like the photo with the cows best and for the second I like the sunset at Dunure. I love Dunure and your photo is beautiful. Good luck!
Marianne x

Jennifer Hays said...

They're all really good but I particularly love the cat photo, that face is priceless but the colors and composition are excellent in it.

Rosemary said...

The cat, the cows, and the boy examining grass.
My most favourite the sheep and the mist, and then the sunset.

Jacquie said...

Hi Anne, such gorgeous photos it's hard to choose.
I would go for the cows, the butterfly on the Hydrangea and the girl with grass for class one.
Them the misty morning, Rowan berries and sunset for class two.
Jacquie xxx

CJ said...

Wow, you have some absolutely stunning photos there. The cat's expression is wonderful, and I love the cabbage white and the golden field. In the second category several of your pictures took my breath away - Robin Hood's Bay and those clouds, the warriors, the buttercups and the sunset. My favourite - so hard to choose, but I think Robin Hood's Bay, I just love a big sky. Good luck! CJ xx

Neighborhood Watch said...

The cat, the cows, and the golden field (I like the golden field best best).
Robin Hood's Bay, Sheep in the Mists, and the Sunset (can't decide a best best here-)
All so lovely!

blueskyscotland said...

Depends on the judges tastes. I like the cat photo. Nice composition in that one. The wire fence spoils the cow shot for me I'm afraid.
The sheep and mist and buttercups on the hill are both standouts but they are all good. Best of luck.

Gillian Roe said...

They are all wonderful - sorry, that doesn't help you much, does it. I love the shot of the clouds over Robin Hood's Bay, just gorgeous. x

Judy Hartman said...

I have looked at your blog off and on for quite a while, and love your photography! Of these, my favorites are the cabbage white, the rowan berries and the buttercups. Good luck with your painting project!!

susanhal said...

like everyone else i think it's hard to choose, but i prefer the quirky ones. i.e.,the sly eyed cat and the quarrier's warriors. whatever are those things ?

givi said...

They are all very beautiful. The one with the sheep and the mist, the sunset, the cows, the buttercups are all stunning.

Mac n' Janet said...

I love the figure examining the grass too, it's a stunning photo. Good luck.

Grammy Braxton said...

I love evil cat and the sheep and mists. Good luck.

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

I'm sure my late blog reading (as always) means you've made your photo picks by now, they are all so good, you do take a great photo and I look forward to living vicariously, as always, when you post about the show and how you did. I still haven't entered our local garden show, it creeps up on me (it's always the same weekend as the school fete) so I keep missing it, but I would love to be more organised and get the boys involved with entries as well. Go you on the paint stripping - a job I hate but often with very pleasing results. Bethx


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