Wednesday 24 July 2013

Misc June & July.

Here is my usual monthly round up of favourite random photos which don't somehow fit into other posts. I missed June's collection so it's here too.

In "writing" these posts I am very aware that my blog mainly consists of annotated photos. Sometimes I think I should just switch to flickr instead of blogging, but I like it when I look back and find the little comments I've made around the photos. Plus blogging seems an easy way of organising the photos as a photo diary.

All blogs are different. Most of the ones I follow are heavily based on pictures. I have to say I'm very fond of pictures and like to look at all the little details. Often it's more pleasant to "read" a picture than some prose which has been over-worked and is way too long, never seeming to get to the point. Some people have a knack for writing and make it seem effortless to pick just the right words and turns of phrase. I've realised I'm not one of them. I think my style is brief and to the point. Part of this comes from my science/engineering background where technical reports included only the essential information in a clear and understandable format; no flowery writing necessary there! Part of it is just the way I am. I've been doing some preliminary reading for starting my course next month. The topic I was perusing(!) last night concerned the three main ways of learning - visual, auditory & kinaesthetic. I already figured out I would be a visual learner as I like to read books and analyse diagrams and see things in my minds eye (it's how I learnt to crochet after all!). However, the book included a little questionaire to determine your method of learning. Here are a couple of the perhaps less obvious questions...

1. To keep occupied whilst waiting, I: (a) Look around, stare, or read. (b) Talk or listen to others, (c) Walk around, manipulate things with my hands, or move/shake my feet as I sit.

2. If I had to verbally describe something to another person I would: (a) Be brief because I do not like to talk at length (b) Go into great detail because I like to talk (c) Gesture and move around while talking. 

I'm very much (a) in both cases. How about anyone else ready this, what are you? Or perhaps you're already zooming through the pretty photos and not reading my ramblings, as I am guilty of on other blogs at times!

Anyway, back to the photos. We begin back in June...

Two little posies from the garden. Both picked by N as I recall. 
Our local town hall being demolished. I hope they build something better and longer lasting than the concrete 60's shambles we had.

My failed meringues from the show. They were rather nice - chewy in the middle which is how I like them even if the WRI ladies didn't.

Another long term craft project gets an airing.

The nursery willow den in June. You can see how it looked when it was built in March here, complete with snow.

I got my first teacher's gift! 

It was from one of my recorder students. A lovely girl but probably the most disruptive pupils I had in my class, just one of those girls who likes to talk all the time - she must be an auditory learner! Now I think about it she liked to be told and shown things often, as opposed to some of my other students who'd go home, read the booklet I'd made for them and come in next week a few steps ahead. All fascinating stuff!

 N drawing some flowers in the garden. I'd forgotten about him doing this, a nice reminder here.

Orange hawkweed and bee.

Pretty cottage.

Now to July. At the beginning of the month I hosted a craft night. It was warm enough for us to sit outside all evening; a novel experience.

 I made a cheesecake, recipe from Nigella Express.

We also had Pimms Rangoon (ginger ale instead of lemonade). I forgot to photograph it all at the time, the above photo was once everyone had left.

While out in the late darkness I did a swirly photo of the multicoloured solar powered dragonfly!

Now to other crafty happenings...

This photo is an attempt to show the hama bead garland I made while the children were engrossed in making their own creations with the beads (which I realise I've neglected to photograph)

We had the paints out another day. I used to be good at painting at school but haven't done any since then and am a little frightened to try it again. However, I did have a go and produced this little owl picture which I am rather pleased with! I do need to get some smaller tipped paint brushes though for next time.

On yet another day A was busy with her felt and thread and made this little fox (with some help), I've not photographed it well, it has a black nose to the side but as it lines up with the gap in the table it seems to have disappeared. Also shown are the first fruits from our strawberry harvest.

 The cat had to get in on the action too.

Back to owls, this was my attempt at a textured foil picture.

Hubby's beer bottle detail.

 Love this (fairly recent) photo of the cat enjoying the evening sunshine, as seen through our kitchen window.

 The french windows were open for every day of the heat wave, wonderful while it lasted.

A & I harvested the blackcurrants from the garden. We threw in any wild strawberries we found too. And an apple to try and help with the pectin levels.

 Basic straining equipment, but it works.

 Six jars of blackcurrant and wild strawberry goodness now locked away for the colder months.

 Along with a few others on the dresser shelf - still a few jars of bramble jelly, rhubarb & ginger jam from last year; lots of blackcurrant and wild strawberry jelly, and rhubarb and vanilla jam from this year.

Strawberry struesel cake, for Grandad coming to tea.

 Scone dough.

N's birthday cake. Happy Birthday!

To finish, N's bird dangling in the sun. Come back sun!

I've just glanced out the window to see if there was any chance of the sun shining today. It's peeing down. I've got washing out. Humph!


Penny said...

Hello there
Thanks for your lovely comment about my new shawl, I truly loved making it. Loving all your pretty photos, my answer would be a to the first and b to the second question, good thing we are all different!
I also love the idea of an outdoor craft gathering with delicious cake :o) hope your sun comes back soon xox Penny

Meggie said...

I really like the idea of posting random photos at the end of the month...I may just give it a try since I sometimes photograph as many as 200 photos on a week end. If I do, I will give your blog credit for the idea....I enjoyed your photos...

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

I enjoyed reading your learning theory, I am very aware that I am not a great writer, but I'm glad blogging has got me into a place where I don't really care, I just chatter on in my own voice, complete with dreadful spelling etc! I do love nice photos too, today I especially love your hawkweed and bee - such lovely colours. Bethxx

Clicky Needles said...

I love the photos and the comments. Random is good.

Rosemary said...

Lots of photos here to enjoy, and some lovely pictures of treats to eat.
I couldn't help but notice your jam jars with strawberry lids, are they from Lidl? I save their jars for my homemade jam and marmalade.
It is very difficult to get the pitch right on a blog - you don't want to turn people off by rambling on with too much detail, but by the same token you don't want it to be too sketchy. I always imagine that if I show something that maybe stimulates some interest with anyone then they can always find out more for themselves anyway.

Linda said...

Definitely an (a) here, even tho I have two literature degrees.
I recognise these Lidl jam jars - have just made 30lbs of raspberry jam, and have become very familiar with which lid fits which jar. My overall preference is for the Bonne Maman ones.
Chewy meringues are delicious - send me a parcel of yours any day!

Jacquie said...

Hi Anne, love all your photos and I love your painting. I need to get brave and try experimenting with some paint instead of my pencils.
Thanks for your comment regarding the hexagon templates. Your patchwork is very lovely....mine is still rather small at the moment.Not sure when I'll get back to it.
I'm currently trying a bit of dressmaking....It's making my brain work and I'm so slow at it.
Jacquie x

Mrs. Micawber said...

Hmmm ... (a) to the first and sometimes (a), sometimes (b) to the second. But I know I am a visual learner.

All those food photos are making me want to eat cake and scones. And what a lovely colour the jelly juice is.

Aren't meringues supposed to be chewy inside? :)

Lyn said...

I love posts like these, a jumble of thoughts and photos and memories.
I agree with you I think I tend to read blogs that are picture heavy except the ones I know have usually something funny to tell us in the writing!
Any way. Enjoy August.

Anonymous said...

Straining equipment is inspired! Meringues look yummy. Your home looks gorgeous. Loving your blog x


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