Friday 26 October 2012

Dream Angus*



A small selection of photos from our Angus holiday.

Some of the picturesque places we visited - The Hill, Glamis, Reekie Linn, The White Caterthun, Auchmithie, Caddam Woods, The Den.

Good for cakes - 88 degrees in Forfar, Peel Farm nr Lintrathen (esp the chocolate mint slice - delicious!), The Tweedie in Edzell (v nice peanut caramel slice).

Time just ran out, there were many more places I'd liked to have visited while we were there.

Less rain would have been good too!

*Dream Angus is a traditional Scottish lullaby, here's a recording of it by The Corries, enjoy!


Diane said...

I so want to be there! xxxx

Anonymous said...

It looks stunningly beautiful. I must visit the East cost soon.

* said...

Your photo with the carpet beaters made me smile, we were at a national trust property during the summer and my boys had to be dragged away from a rug hanging over a line and a couple of beaters, hours of fun......who would have thought!

Your photos as ever are beautiful, and I love the added cake're my sort of lady! My mil makes the best mint-choc fridge pudding, which I do have the recipe for but know I wouldn't do it justice! I do make a good grasshopper pie though.

Have a good weekend, hope the snow is not with you.

Mereknits said...

Very, very beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

SAS said...

Wowee. Truly appreciate the photos of your trip. Thank you so much.

I will be looking at them again and again.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Wow, what a visual treat. I love the graphic on the Robin Starch box, and the salt pig (?) in the photo just below.

The row of white cottages is lovely, and that leaf with the starry green plants behind is wonderful. Is that heather all over the hills?

Looks like you saw some good autumn colour on this trip. :)

rockinloubylou said...

I think you should be commissioned by Angus Tourist Board. I'm planning a trip based on your stunning photos. Love the adventurous spider.

Simone said...

A magical post! I really like the skull in the wall and the spider too!!!

SmitoniusAndSonata said...

Thankyou ! I always forget how beautiful it all is .

Annie Cholewa said...

Great photos! And a holiday post with a 'good for cakes' paragraph ... what more could a girl ask for. Well except an actual holiday, but I guess I'll have to wait for one of those!

Love the dog(?) sand drawing :D


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