Tuesday 3 January 2012

Monday Morning Bike Ride

November and December weren't good cycling months. The problem wasn't really weather related, weekends were just busy with fairs and concerts. But now the calendar is clear again and we're experiencing a spell of mild weather so right in the middle of winter I managed to get out for a little morning bike ride. There was a bitterly cold wind but it was dry, to start with...

Past the stumpy post, the stubble in the field behind aglow in the eerie pink sunlight.

Hard to see, but this field was full of canada geese with more flying in all the time. There was lots of honking! I'd guess the swans are hooper swans. It was raining at this point, hence the rather grainy image.

Another flock flies in.

Tree silhouettes against a stormy sky. I had to get off the bike to reach above the fence to take this photo, so here is...

... the first bike shot of 2012.

I like the strong horizontal stripes of colour across this view.

Not all is pretty round here though...

... grrrr, fly tipping, almost in the middle of the road too!

A clipped hawthorn tree, never to be allowed to grow tall.

The sun shone briefly, making a red gate shine.

More striking stripes in the landscape.

Look, blue sky!

Farm house above patchwork fields.

Tree silhouette at the brow of a hill.

I also got hit with hailstones while out, they're sore! I then spoiled the good effects of my morning bike ride by getting stuck into a box of Christmas biscuits in the afternoon. Oh well.

Other "news". We were right (tired!) party poopers on Hogmany and all went to bed before the bells. At midnight we were awoken by a bagpiper playing Auld Lang Syne out on the street. She and her party marched up and down finishing with Scotland The Brave before heading home. Fireworks were booming, friends (less boring than us!) were texting. I rather enjoyed it all. Happy New Year!

Last night though we had a terrible storm...

... and part of our roof is quite badly damaged, the front garden is littered with slates. Oh well...


Unknown said...

we had terrible wind/rain last night too. None of us slept very well and therefore there's plenty grumpiness around!

driftwood said...

oh no your poor roof, hope you can get it fixed soon. it's pretty wild here too, I have my fingers crossed for no damage x

June said...

Happy New Year to you! We had a terrible wind here last night too - it felt as if our roof was going to cave in. I'm sure we have a few loose slates - too scared to go and have a look as one may fly off and hit me - it's very windy!

Habbie tot said...

I feel the shame of not having left the house for weeks, no exercise in sight! Back to normality on Thursday. I hope your roof is alright, it's getting blowy again. Batten down the hatches and break out the hot chocolate!

Louise said...

I love the horizontal colour stripes photo too! It looks like another great ride, shame about the fly tipping and the roof!

Sorry you couldn't see all the books, I thought they were clear enough as I can read them all when I enlarge them on my computer, if there are any you particularly want to know the title of, let me know!

I asked wanted the photos to be in 3x3 grids but mosaic maker cropped important bits off so I had to get Dave to do it in photoshop and he didn't want to faff with lots of mosaics!

Anonymous said...

Apart from the fly-tipping and the slates in the garden, your pictures are very good, especially considering the light levels and the weather in general.

Simone said...

How great to be out on the bike again! I do like the sound of a bagpiper out in the street in the early hours of the new year - such enthusiasm!

Rattling On said...

My greenhouse has taken a bashing during the day... and still the wind is raging outside. I'll be glad when it stops!

Mrs. Micawber said...

Lucky you to be able to ride! I've only just stopped having cycling withdrawals.

I love the golden field in the first photo, and the glimpse of blue sky further down. Somehow the sky is so much more precious when seen through parted grey clouds.

That farmhouse is beautiful, and I'm a sucker for tree silhouettes.

How wonderful to have bagpipes for New Year's! The pipes always make me cry - why I don't know. Perhaps I don't get to hear them often enough. (Or something to do with my Scottish great-great-grandmother?)

Hope the repairs go swiftly and well.

Claire said...

Oooh, what a storm that was, hope the damage was quickly repaired........

I would love to wake to a piper playing in the street, sounds like everyone was having quite alot of fun......although I no doubt would've hit the sack before midnight too.

Once again beautiful photos from your ride.

Can't believe how thoughtless and selfish people are dumping their rubbish on the road like that. Makes me so cross...... grrr!! Better go before I get really worked up, lol.

Hope you have a wonderful new year, full of bike rides and picturesque scenery.

Claire :}

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Grrrr to fly tipping too, we get a lot down our road as it's a small back lane. Makes me really cross.

Sorry to hear your roof was damaged by the storm, I watched the trees in our garden bend and kept expecting one to come down, the often do on the local road and it makes me quite nervous driving down it in windy weather. Hope the roof repaire isn't a big job.

Happy New Year! Beth/the linen cat

nimble fingers and steady eyebrows said...

Happy new year. I hope that your roof isn't too damaged. Yikes! Lovely bike ride pictures, it is inspiring me to get back on those two wheels. I might have to wait for March though.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

Thanks for telling me the name which I can't seem to keep in my head! You are correct, reddish wings and very distinctive stripes around eyes.


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