Friday 14 October 2011

October Images

"... I saw the wild geese flee / A lang, lang skein o' beatin wings wi their heids towards the sea / And aye their cryin voices trailed ahint them on the air..."

...from The Wild Geese which is a poem by Violet Jacob. It has been adapted into a folk song which you can listen to here. I'm rather prone to suddenly bursting out into this song whenever I see wild geese overhead, though I do make sure I'm alone first! I'm originally from Angus (the part of Scotland referred to in the poem) so the song does have special meaning to me, and does make me feel a little homesick (awww!)

Last Sunday A, N & I visited the local nature reserve, they took their binoculars and I took my camera.

Teasel. I considered trying to pick a stem to talk home with me, but they are a little prickly, so didn't.

Bull rushes (or dog jobbies on a stick as A called them - sorry, but she's at That Age where poos and pees are fascinating and hilarious, I believe it's just a stage...)

Beautifully coloured Autumn leaves stand out against the murky background.

The path through the woods to the bird hides.

We park our vehicles outside the hide while we pop in to see what we can see.

I liked this view of a distant tree ridge across the loch. There were some ducks in the loch (not shown) and that was all we saw. One of the bird hides has been burnt down since our last visit which is a shame.

Nice hairband! I only sold one of my hairbands so A got to keep this one which was her favourite one with a flower. We're waiting for N (a speck in the middle distance). Sometimes getting places can take such a long time.

Back across the river.

Then a quick visit to the park...
A & N atop the climbing wall (they took the easy way up)

All the little different coloured circles here are bottle tops which have been stuffed into the bolt holes, I rather like the effect.

Then later in the week, N and I went for a walk along a section of the cyclepath. My camera batteries were almost flat but I managed to get a few misty photos.

It's N's first visit to the Roman soldier sculpture.

I almost managed to get a whole row of birds on posts, but was just a little too slow.

A mushroom. Like berries, mushrroms seem very scarce round here this year.

Rain droplets adorn a knapweed flower.

Hogweed (of course!)

And back home...
... a little peek at the blanket. I swithered over whether to make it 8x10 or 9x9 (I had just enough yarn for either). I've made my descision and am at the border stage, yay! I'm having a go at a granny border, it'll be done soon (the border, that is. The ends will take a lot longer...)

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  • For a more impressive collection of wild mushrooms and toadstools see this post at Rambings of a Roachling.
  • For a more impressive Autumn (or Fall) display of colour see this post at Mr Micawber's Recipe For Happiness.

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silverpebble said...

Such beautiful seasonal images. That blanket looks absolutely exquisite.

June said...

Lovely photos of your bike ride with your children. I too like the effect of the bottle tops in the wood! I have a lovely weekend. I will be watching the ruby and hoping Wales win!

Grateful4Crochet said...

Love your blanket and love these pictures

**Anne** said...

Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos. I love those geese flying. Your blanket has such pretty colours,looking forward to seeing it when it's finished.
Enjoy your weekend,
Anne xx

Unknown said...

What a beautiful post - lovely images. I really love those roman soldiers bet they look really spooky in the mist. And such a lovely blanket to go home to. Looking forward to the final reveal!

VintageVicki said...

I love those Roman soldiers - I know the boys would too :)

Just a thought - wish those balance bikes had been around when mine were small - they are such a wonderful idea.

Country Rabbit said...

i soooo enjoy and adore your beautiful photography ;0) x

Rattling On said...

Love that sculpture. Lots of berries here, but not much in the fungi line...

Anonymous said...

Lovely pictures again. The Teasel is my favourite, if you take along your secateurs and a plastic bag you could get it home without pain.

Mrs. Micawber said...

The Autumn leaves are so pretty, like confetti falling from the trees. And that poem fragment! It makes my heart ache.

Beautiful river shot. There's something about that close-up of the Roman soldier that makes me think of Dr. Who (only I can't remember which episode).

The blanket is lovely, and thanks for the kind mention and link!

Jennyff said...

I have such mixed feelings about the wild geese flying over. Such a beautiful sight and sound but it does mean that the season is definitely changing and summer is over.

Annaboo's House said...

Lovely photos, as always.
You always manage to capture the seasons so beautifully.
Great colours in your new blanket, too. Can't wait to see more of it.
PS giveaway at mine if you fancy it. X

Dancing Beastie said...

Thank you kindly, ma'am, for your link to my geese! And thank you for the poem: the smidgen which you quoted on Dancing Beastie was so haunting that I have been wondering about it ever since. I must investigate the work of Violet Jacob properly: I know she wrote a lot of poems about our area.

I love your images, as always. Raindrops on ragged robin and hogweed especially. Very surprising to hear you are short on toadstools - perhaps we've got your share as there are zillions here! Although, if you mean only mushrooms, no, I haven't seen any either this year.

Unknown said...

I like the soldiers... where are they?

(we've abandoned bikes and now the boys are on scooters and ripsticks... just as slow though)

Pomona said...

I think the Roman soldiers are rather scary! Love the blanket, though - beautiful colours.

Pomona x

Snowcatcher said...

It was fun to see the many hues of your autumn, but mostly I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the little ones on bike with you! You've brought back so many memories!


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