Saturday 11 June 2011

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

I was lucky with the weather this morning - we had some sunshine!

The tree at the corner. One day I'll need to take a closer look and check what kind of tree it is. I suspect it may be an ash tree as the leaves are still to develop fully and ash trees are usually very late to come into leaf. This week we have cows in the top left field.

Interesting old gate post.

Sunlit poppy and farm buildings.

Wheeeeee, down the hill!

Green fields, in one of them a blue tractor is mowing the grass.

Tree silhouette, I like the clouds at its base.

The cold winds we had in May turned the leaves brown on the windward side of many trees. Only the far right of the tree above is green as it should be.

I liked the ring of purple rhododendrons encircling this little woodland.

A not very good photo of some ox eye daisies.

Pretty farm house, lovely trees silhoutted on the hill behind with some dramatic clouds appearing over the brow of the hill, pylon lines above.

Pink hawthorn.

Up onto the hills.

I managed to catch some rabbits, usually they're away by the time I get my camera out.

More upland views with scudding clouds.

The sign is rather apt for this wee furry pony.

Still loving the clouds (though they do later bring rain which we've had quite enough of here recently thank you very much!)

Cows and the dead tree, brown tinged trees behind.

Sheep in the fields beside the curve.

A longer trip today than I have been doing recently. I can feel it now in my thighs, knees and bum! But it was a lovely morning for a bike ride and I felt it necessary to try and work off some of the birthday cake I have eaten too much of recently, more on this later...


Anonymous said...

Hello! Just love that weathered gate post. The ash trees here are not fully in leaf either and it seems so late as it's almost mid-June. It has rained non-stop here today, so you have done well on the west to dodge it. Great to catch up with you and off to read your other posts now!
Katie x

Lyn said...

I love, love love your bike rides! the hawthorne looks so pretty and I bet you really enjoyed going wheeee down that hill!

**Anne** said...

Soooo beautiful. Thanks for sharing.
Anne xx

Soili said...

I keep on looking at all that sky... we have so many trees and high hills, mountains, that we don't seem to see sky a lot. It is pretty.

Mrs. Micawber said...

All beautiful pics as per usual!

Love the bunnies and the wee furry pony and the beautiful pink hawthorn. I'll have to see if we have any of that in my part of the world.

I would take pictures of trees all day if I could. Yours are so satisfying.

I've got sore calves right now from doing a bunch of intervals on my last ride. But it makes me feel virtuous and exercised! So go ahead and have some more've earned it. :)

June said...

Super photos of another fabulous bike ride. Love the little bunny rabbits and the pony.

Simone said...

Gorgeous photos and blue skies. We have your rain down here in the South East. Would you like it back now?!!! x

Julie said...

What a difference a few miles makes. We had torrential rain all day! Juliex


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