Wednesday 21 July 2010

Sunday Afternoon Bike Ride

On Sunday afternoon I managed to get out for a short bike ride. I was last able to go for a weekend run back at the beginning of May so it's been a while...

I decide to test my fitness by heading off up a long hill. Normally I'd pause about two thirds of the way up this hill to take a photo of the view (and, more importantly, to catch my breath) but on this occasion there dare to be some people walking towards my favourite spot so I carry on cycling and surprise myself by making it right to the top without stopping or exploding. I am indeed Very Glad that my recent cake gluttony and lack of exercise have not robbed me of all my fitness.

Although the weather is dull and overcast it still quite warm (for Scotland), and it's not actually raining. We have had a lot of rain in the past week or so but the first six months of the year have been abnormally dry.

The water levels in the reservoir are unusually low.

Some almost red already Rowan berries.

Rosebay willowherb. I love the colour.

More gorgeous deep pink, this time a spear thistle.

Looking back at the reservoir through the branches of a hawthorn tree. Reddening berries ere apparent here too.

The view back down the road I've just cycled up. All very lush and green, one of the benefits of a damp climate.

Now heading back towards home, I take a little detour up a side road as it's too soon to return just yet.

My bike and the view from the top. I'm just about to head back down towards the reservoir again.

Another bike shot. I've just started the big descent and pause to take this photo on the hill at the point where I'd normally stop on the way up.

Right towards the end I sneak on to the cycle path down this little footpath which I've not been on before.



Lesley said...

I've loved all your summery posts, but I do so enjoy your bike rides. Rosebay willowherb! Such memories of childhood summers.

rockinloubylou said...

With that amount of cycling I'm sure you could have just one more cake!


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