Sunday 24 August 2014

Saturday Morning Bike Ride.

A lovely morning, perfect for a bike ride. I set off at about 8am...

After a long steep climb with many pauses for breath, I am rewarded with breathtaking views of the hills when I look back. Once up here, the roads are flat and it's a wonderful spot for cycling.

 Tree silhouettes.

 The tree avenue. This time, for a new take on the shot, I have my camera almost on the road.

Sneezewort I believe.

A closer look.

 Pretty countryside and skies.

 Looking over to the mountains, Ben Lomond is on the right.

Three sheep, sunbathing?

Cottage on the corner.

 Mountain view.

 Resting cows.

The road ahead.

 Field scabious.

 A wildflower I did not know, after consulting my book I think it is tormentil.

 Shadow shot.


 Cow and calf.


I like the nosy cow on the right.

Feathery grass.

 Bike shot.

 And again, from a different angle.

 Approaching a farm yard...

 ...gorgeous flowers add a splash of cheerful colour.

 Past a reservoir.

 And another one.

 Knapweed with hoverfly.

I've not seen a fly like this one before. I've had a look in one of my books and believe it to be of the type polietes lardarius. Apparently they're common in England but less so in Scotland.


Downhills to come.

 Twisty wire #1.

 Twisty wire #2.

 Up and round the corner to where the view opens out. In the clump of trees ahead lies the farmhouse I am always trying to get a photo of. usually there are too many people about...

...but today all seems quiet, and here it is. Not close enough to show much detail though. 

Round the corner is the view I normally take of the buildings. 

 Twa craws.

And to finish, a view of the loch before I head home along the cycle path.


RedSetter said...

What a gorgeously scenic bike ride, I bet you felt your soul was refreshed afterwards. Great shots and I love the mix of big landscape and tiniest detail.

CJ said...

What a breathtakingly beautiful place for a ride. Glad you had such a lovely time, your photos are wonderful. How beautiful this country is. CJ xx

Anonymous said...

I particularly like the view of the avenue of trees, the lower angle makes it very special.

Sarah said...

The colours in your landscape shots are beautiful. And I now know that sneezewort is... sneezewort! Ditto Umbellifer :)

Mereknits said...

These might be some of your most beautiful photos yet, the slight change in the season is showing and the avenue of trees is breathtaking.

MILLY said...

A beautiful ride in wonderful countryside surrounded by nature. That feeling of freedom and space to breath in the fresh cool morning air. Time to yourself .
Loved every photograph, x

Irene Donovan said...

Thank you for the beautiful photos!

Amy at love made my home said...

The avenue of trees is just amazing. I love your shot from the road looking onwards and upwards. The twisty wire pictures are wonderful too, I love things like that, it really makes you notice the little details. xx

Christina said...

Beautiful! Is this Renfrewshire, Lochwinnoch? I love the twisty wire photos, and the trees, too. Cx

Unknown said...

What a beautiful magical trip! These little details are so beautiful, so heartening, thank you for sharing them!

Mrs. Micawber said...

What a beautiful ride. So many great shots it's hard to pick favourites. Your air looks so clear - we've had a lot of humidity that makes it hard to take long-distance photos. The tree avenue is lovely - very LOTR-ish. Great twisty wire, and nosy cow, and my goodness the farms are right on the road, aren't they? Here they're usually set back, so I'm not able to get in amongst the buildings.

Your knapweed is very pink compared with ours, and the bracts (?) are more feathery. It's fun to see the differences between the wildflowers. Those sneezewort blossoms look very like the white yarrow that grows here.

Have really enjoyed your vacation posts but been short on time for commenting! :)

Lyn said...

Gorgeous photos as usual, I really love the avenue of trees from the low angle.

Heldasland said...

Thank you for that glorious journey. I feel very happy ,every photo is simply stunning

Anita said...

Your pics are amazing!!! You have to be in the UK right? Love those old buildings, wish we had them here in Australia.
Cheers, Anita.

topchelseagirl said...

Love the avenue of trees - has a french feel to it.

Sarah said...

Hi Anne,
Just had a catch up on your last posts. Your photos are amazing! I hope that your year at school goes ok. I fully understand how exhausting it is and hope that things calm down a bit. Do you have an NQT year like here? I will let you know how the supply goes. Have not had any work yet as the start of term is all inset days and everyone present! Hopefully I will get some next week, or maybe even tomorrow!

WendyCarole said...

It certainly was worth the effort cycling those hill. What beautiful scenery.


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