Saturday 24 May 2014

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

A cool May morning, perfect for cycling.

Cow parsley, cows & cow sign.

I love cow parsley!

 Farmhouse in the distance, river flowing by.

Climbing the hill, a pause for the view.

 Beautifully green.

Yet higher, I can't resist this little road with its verges of cow parsley. Cue lots of cow parsley shots...

 Hawthorn too.

 Higher still. Up here the air is fresh and sweet. I can hear larks and a cuckoo.

 I manage to catch a photo of the lark before he climbs too high in the sky.

It's always worth the long climb to get up here. Not another soul do I see. I can meander along enjoying all the countryside sights, sounds and smells.

 Red campion.


 On top of the world!

 Mountains in the far distance.


I've started my descent and spot some cows amongst the gorse.

 They are curious and come over for a closer look.

 Now down at the reservoir. I like the old gates.

 Rusty detail.

Another delightful little road. Black cattle here contrasting with the green field.


 Welsh poppies.

A view over the reservoir.

 Yet more cow parsley.

Some shots of old farm buildings taken "on the hoof", the house opposite is occupied so I don't like to stop.

 Door detail, interesting window slit.

Door and window of the smaller section.

 Sadly the roof has fallen in on the larger section. The piles of slates suggest it should hopefully be repaired at some point.

 Still descending.


 Some bluebells still flowering in the woods.

 Past their best but still a pretty sight.


 Thistle buds.

Bike shot with dog roses to finish.

So nice to be back out on my bike. My course is nearing to a close so I have a little more spare time for now... 


SaraJ said...

Looks a wonderful way to have spent a morning. x

Amy at love made my home said...

What a lovely ride! I really like your shots of the cow parsley from underneath, very arty indeed, and your shot of the rusty detail on the gate. It looks as though there are 100 layers of paint all trying to peel off at once and yet you can still see the details as well. Fabulous. Glad that you had such a good time. xx

Irene Donovan said...

really enjoyed this blog!

Przygody z drutami said...

Thank you for lovely pictures,bye,

Unknown said...

such lovely photos really brightened my day! thank you!! you live in the most beautiful place. we have one little series of roads here where i live that have been untouched by development and look very similar to your bike ride. i so wish there were more areas here like that!! happy biking!

Linda said...

The cow parsley is very beautiful this year - hopefully this cool weather is good for one thing and that's keeping the wild flowers blooming.

Country Rabbit said...

so much natural beauty on your bike ride, such a pleasure!!!! love the view!!!!...always enjoy your photographs ;)

Diane said...

Fabulous photos as usual - I love the rust on the gates - you captured it so well. xx

Mereknits said...

What a gorgeous ride, glad you took us along.

Mary Nolan said...

Wow....loved each and every photo....thank you

Laura S. said...

Beautiful. I would love to go for some rides here but it's already 90 degrees with extreme humidity. By the time I get half a mile, already dripping and flushed. Beautiful history you have there!

blueskyscotland said...

Best time of year for cycling as there is so much to see in the fields and hedgerows. Glad you are still getting out and about.

Annie Cholewa said...

You can never have too many cow parsley shots! I especially like the silhouettes :)

Angela said...

Lovely photos!!

Simone said...

A wonderfully scenic bike ride. No wonder you enjoy it so much!

populonia said...

Hallo,I'm an italian reader. I like very much your blog for the images I can see. I have never been in Scotland and in the english country as well and I really would like to do it. Perhaps I will take a bike holyday there. A little bit far from Italy, but who knows?
Please forgive my english....but reading your blog is a way to improve it. Populonia


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