Tuesday 18 June 2013

Some Recent Purchases...

You always know there's going to be something very nice in one of these packages!

I've been buying apples for teachers. No, I haven't got lots of other children I've not told you about - there are so many because I've been helping & observing at the school, so I've included ones for these teachers too.

They're from Beth at The Linen Cat, and I'm afraid there are none left at the moment! They're filled with lavender so smell lovely as well as looking fabulous. I'll also be adding a jar of rhubarb and vanilla jam, I made another batch last night so am well stocked up.

It may seem to some that I'm super organised but school finishes here for the summer next week. (We start back in August, our holidays run earlier than in England. I'd be interested to know when the holidays are for the rest of the UK, ie Wales & NI?) 

Anyway, after the new, here are some old things. My thrifty finds for the last couple of months...

I was pleased to find these lovely little wooden pirate skittles.

I like their brightly coloured outfits. 50p the lot.

Here we have a lovely hand thrown jug (yes, another one), with stopper.

I think it would look nice with flowers in it, if I ever get round to picking some from the garden. £1.50.

A linen mouse. Not sure what I'll do with him but couldn't resist him for 50p.

Three jazzy French glasses, £1 for the set. I think my granny used to have tumblers like these, they seem familiar somehow.

Now to some finds from the recent wildlife sanctuary open day I mentioned recently...

 A bought this little set of wooden animals. They're similar to the dolls from her dolls house so should be right at home. £1.

And I got a little papier mache box (£1), and two lovely heavy brass turtles. The one at the back opens up, so it was £2, the one nearer the front was £1.50.

I'm really pleased with these, especially the turtles!

Now to something not shown. I found a set of teaching books that someone recently finishing a teaching course had donated to the Cancer Research shop. I bought about eight, all for a couple of pounds each. Anyone who's had to buy text books for university/college will know how expensive they are to buy new, so not a very photogenic purchase, but an excellent bargain.

And that, as they say, is all folks!


Claire said...

Great op shop finds Anne, love the turtles, what are you going to put inside the one that opens?
The glasses are great, eye catching design and those pirate skittle are just so cute, love the Cap'n with his eye patch.
Cute apples too.......

Claire :)

Lyn said...

You do manage to find some lovely things, I must be looking in the wrong place! Xxx

Mereknits said...

Very fun finds, love them.

Anonymous said...

What Lyn said. Mind you, I am trying to get rid of things rather than bringing them in...

Gillian Roe said...

You always find such good stuff. The pirate skittles are my favourite, they're brilliant.

We break up here on Friday 19 July and go back on Tuesday 3 Sept. x

Louise said...

What great purchases - I love those pirate skittles! In England, the schools finish on 19th July and go back on 2nd September (for teachers) and 3rd Sept for children - give or take a training day here and there as different counties / councils make different arrangements.

Catherine said...

The schools in NI finish at the end of next week too. I can't wait!!! I love the kids being off...no routine!! Yay! Cx

June said...

Lots of lovely things - love the pirate skittles and the turtles best. University / College books are very expensive - seems you had a lucky find.

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

Thank you so much for showing the apples + linking back :) Really pleased you like them.

I must look in the wrong places as your new finds are great, I'm especially loving the pirate skittles. I never seem to find such lovely gems, perhaps I just don't check our local shops often enough?

Beth/thelinencat xx


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