Saturday 19 January 2013

Saturday Morning Bike Ride

First ride of 2013, off we go. My goal for this ride is to photograph the tree at the corner in January so that I can complete my set of photos for this view taken in every month of the year...


Some of the earlier ones aren't of great quality so I'll try and take better ones over 2013. I have to say that I was hoping to get a nice snowy scene for January, but as you can see, unlike much of the UK, we have no snow. None at all. So no sledging sadly, but at least I get out cycling. Now where to go next...

While I ponder my route I take this photo of the sun shining through the trees near to where I stop for my tree at the corner photos. It's turning out to be a lovely morning.

I'll go this way for now. Past the post (perhaps another contender for a year of monthly photos).

A few miles further on, I like the shapes of the hedge and fence against the sky.

A view past wonky fence posts of a distant farm.

The road ahead. Lots more posts.

 I like the weathered detail of this gate post and the rusty gate alongside.

Sheep fleece on a barbed wire fence.

On to the next field and I think this is probably horse hair caught by the barbs.

 Rusty gate chain detail.

On past another favourite tree, I like how it stands on the horizon.

On again, and another tree, not quite so perfect situated on the horizon, but I like the frozen ruts in the field in front of it.

At this point I'm being pursued by a rather fast and persistent runner. It's mostly up hill on this section of road, and I'm not terribly fast at climbing, especially when there are trees to be photographed.

Ugghhh, I was passed by the jogger, the shame! However, it means I can stop and photograph these interesting looking sheep without the feeling I'm being observed (expect by the sheep, but I don't mind them!)

And while I've stopped I'll just photograph the road too, nice icy tyre tracks.

Now on again a few more miles (and after climbing up up some rather steep hills while passing through a village - one of which I walk up and still get puffed out!), I really like this shot of a rook flying from a branch as I approached, I was lucky to catch it in flight at just the right angle.

Soon I reach the bench, it's pretty much downhill from here for the few miles left till home. All the hill climbs are worth it for this. Wheeeeee!

It was so good to get back out cycling again (I think November was the last time I was out on my bike), once on the quiet back roads it's just so peaceful and scenic - bliss!


Cybèle said...

So jealous of you being able to get out on the bike! We had a lot of snow earlier this week, not had much since but it hasn't really melted, rather it has all frozen. I tend to stick to back roads for my rides and I suspect they're lethal at the moment, so I'm not going to try. Walking the dog instead! but it's even too cold to take many photographs.
Your description of the jogger made me laugh - I don't like stopping for photos when there is someone coming towards me or behind me - just in case they're wondering 'what on earth is she up to?'...

Lulu said...

beautiful pics.

Jacquie said...

Hi Anne, love this beautiful bike ride. Your pictues are all wonderful and the one of the rook is stunning. I like to be alone when I'm out's not the same if you are worried what people are thinking.
I expect you may have some snow soon if the forcast is right....enjoy :0)
Jacquie x

Jennyff said...

Well done you back in the saddle, bike riding in winter can be a challenge. Bitterly cold and snowy here, the wind would cut you in half. Keep warm, keep up the good work.

Mereknits said...

Gorgeous pictures, love every one of them.
Hugs to you,

Anonymous said...

You have the full set of the tree now, well done. Your ride looks lovely, if cold.

Louise said...

beautiful photos as always and I really, really love your tree collage - what a fantastic idea to take a monthly photo - I have a favourite tree so I feel inspired to go out and do the same now, a monthly photo of it.

Gillian Roe said...

You're so lucky to have such stunning scenery on your doorstep. It really is beautiful, and your photos always capture the seasons so well.

Gillian x

Ladybird Diaries said...

Have just discovered your lovely blog. Your photos are great. We haven't had any snow here either!
M xx

Sue said...

Lovely bike ride thank you! Those tree photos are wonderful and I think I'm going to copy you and take a year of shots of some of my favourite trees in 2013!

Simone said...

Great picture of the rook!

tove said...

What a beautiful blog, love your photos! Thanks for joining my blog, I just joined yours too:-)

Elizabeth said...

Loved the photos of the English countryside.
As an ex-pat I really miss it terribly.

Peeriemoot said...

Just catching up on your blog :-). I love that you've got the complete set of pictures of the tree on the corner - the mosaic looks great.

There are some of those interesting-looking sheep near where my parents live - I always notice them when we drive past, and I've no idea what breed they are, it's bugging me a bit. But they're very striking aren't they?

Peeriemoot said...

After a bit of googling (feeling faintly ridiculous typing 'brown sheep white stripe face') I think they might be Zwartbles - - which has got to be the best sheep breed name ever!


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