Tuesday 11 September 2012

Bits of This and That.

Hmmm, this was going to be a quick, ordered zoom through some photos from the end of August till now but Blogger has mixed up some of the images. I don't have time to faff around reloading, so here goes...

Off to a party at the end of Aug. For once I manage to persuade N to wear sandals instead of wellies. Shortly after this it rains, heavily. Just shows, you should never be without your wellies in the West of Scotland!

Still from the end of Aug, we went for a little family bike ride to the loch one Sunday afternoon.

Hubby in yellow with N in the trailer, A in orange.

Dragonfly carving at the loch. I've yet to see a real one here.

Loch view.

View over the wildfowers to a cottage on the hill.

Coming home we get caught in a heavy rain shower and shelter in the tunnel for a little while.

Now to a late evening. The moon was looking big and bright. I attempted to  photograph it...

Street lamp on the left, moon on the right. Camera in night photo mode and swirl away!

Spooky ghost cat appears.

August is our best time of year for butterflies...

These two photos are of painted ladies. They were what we had in our butterfly nursery net and we successfully managed to release all five.

Now two photos of small tortoiseshells, probably our most common butterfly here.

And two photos of my favourites - peacock butterflies.

I notice the one in the photo above is looking a little ragged round the tips of it's wings. I wonder if it's one the pesky cat has managed to catch.

Yes, you! I've rescued a few butterflies from her already, grrrr!

Oh look, we must have had blue sky one day. The week or so of warm settled weather experience by the southern part of the UK never reached us. Another grrrr!

I like the cobwebs on the rusting birdie on the shed. When we get some dry weather (for longer than a few hours!) I will be painting the sheds again, hopefully before winter this year!

I've started some C******* crafting. Spare time is limited so best to start early.

Now we jump to a recent charity shop purchase....

Can you gues what it is?

It's a lovely little wooden set of skittles. Mine for £1. Pleased!

Right, we're catching up fast . We've arrived at  last weekend which was an Open Doors event. We were a bit last minute about it all but still managed to visit five properties. Some random, favourite images...


Now back to the garden...

Two bumblebees and a hoverfly.

A penguin hung out to dry (though he actually just got even wetter as it rained (again), then had to be taken in, re-spun and dried on the radiators, more grrrrs!)

Aaaargh, the name has just escaped me. Remembered - osteospermum. Phew.

A second attempt at a crocheted thingmyjig. An hour or so later it was frogged. However, my third attempt is successful and it's now complete. Will post photos later.

Woohoo, my sweet peas are finally flowering. They're grown from seed which I was late to sow. Plus the weather this summer has been crap (as I expect you all know!) which hasn't helped.

I'm finishing up with two shots from this morning taken just half an hour apart. There is a rainbow in the first one and the light was all strange and purply. In the second one, the sun is up and the sky is blue! Didn't last long...

I'm afraid I don't have much spare time for blogging at the moment. As this my final year in being involved with the nursery (N will start school next year) I  have taken on a bigger role on the committee. This is taking up a surprisingly large amount of time so far.I plonked N in front of cbeebies to write this which was a little naughty (though he's quite happy). Off now to make more constructive use of our time...


Rattling On said...

I want your skittles...just saying!!

June said...

Great post with great photos. Love the cat peering down from the roof and the butterfly ones.

* said...

The butterfly pictures are beautiful, we had painted ladies too, we watched more than one come out from their cocoons....amazing, it such a shame their life span is so short, we didn't keep ours, as soon as we could, we put them in the garden.....why do cats do that, I can only imagine that butterflies taste yukky!

I love sweet peas, the scent is lovely, especially the dark ones. I should attempt growing them.

Another lovely post with fab pics, I've started pondering some c******** crafting too.....what did I used to do with my time before their was crochet?

itsjustperi said...

I,ve seen hardly any butterflies this year, I've checked Buddleia and seedum , found loads of bees but no flutterbys :-(. There is nothing wrong with Cbeebies for a little while everyone needs a break x

Mereknits said...

Oh my goodness those butterflies are spectacular. Sorry you are so busy, but a bit of TV is just fine for a little one, the can relax, stay calm and probably learn a little something. Come visit when you can,

Gillian Roe said...

Nothing wrong with a little cbeebies now and then! My sweet peas didn't really get going till mid August, but they are still going strong. I love their scent. Gorgeous photos of your local area. I have also started some C-word crafting - glad it's not just me! x

rockinloubylou said...

There's no shame at all in the old electronic babysitter. I would get nothing done without cbeebies. Pleased the butterflies were successful for you and I hope they escaped the cat!

Neighborhood Watch said...

I love the photo of the winding stair. Stunning! And the little penguin hung out to dry (but who didn't)--I loved that too.

Mrs. Micawber said...

Lots of great photos as always - particularly the winding stair, curly column tops (can't think of the right word for those), peacock butterflies,and tunnel shot.

The cat looks as though she thinks the sweet peas might be butterflies in disguise.

I do like that rusty bird - especially with cobwebs. We've got a lot of those around here (cobwebs I mean). :)

Claire said...

Hey Anne, a lovley backlog of photos and memories.
Love the skittles too....how cute are they?
Beaut butterfly picks and I so love the perfume of Buddleia......
Great dragonfly carving mall the best with your committee duties...

Claire :}

Annie Cholewa said...

Beautiful butterflies! It's the whippets who try to catch them here.

Hope you get an Indian summer so you can enjoy your pretty sweetpeas a while longer :D


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