Saturday 26 May 2012

Och, it's just lovely!

Isn't this weather wonderful? I believe all of the UK is basking under blue skies this week, a spell of summer has been cast over the country and I'm liking it very much indeed. We never had weather like this at all last year - I don't recall any days where the sun shone so warmly and the evenings were so balmy. I just love being able to work in the garden till late (10:30 last night, yes, I could still see!) in bare feet and shorts.

We've spent a lot of time recently in the garden...

The variagated maple near the vegetable patch has become a snail hotel. I think these spiral shelled snails are rather pretty.

The aquilegias are blooming.

They look lovely from a snail's point of view!

I planted a couple of these a few years ago and it's only now that they are starting to spread round the garden. They really are very pretty and I do like plants that seed themselves.

The paddling pool has been taken from its hibernation in the shed, cleaned and put to good use.

I supervise the pool from a safe distance. A most pleasant way of passing an afternoon. I'm making plain old grannies for a blanket for the kingsize bed. I may be some time...

Comfy deckchair in the shade, bag of wool and crochet hook to hand, perfect! Although some cake would be nice...

...tada! From the freezer, made a while ago and not labelled so it was a surprise to find out it contained raspeberries and blueberries as well as chocolate. Yummy.

The lilac in the front garden has been amazing, there must be at least fifty or so flowerheads on it. The two lilacs in the back garden have been less impressive, only about ten flowerheads between them, most disappointing. Does anyone have any ideas as to why they might be doing so badly?

The tulips again. These pink ones just get better and better. They're looking lovely and blowsy at the moment.

Beautiful dew droplets on the lady's mantle.

Not a good idea to try and photograph a birds egg with the cat nearby. It was demolished in seconds. I've not yet been able to identify what type of bird's egg it was. It was pure white so not a blackbird/robin/sparrow/jackdaw/chaffinch, any ideas?

The cat looking a bit more innocent.

Colourful garden ornament.

We went on a snail hunt. We found quite a lot amongst the hostas which are being well nibbled. I went out later again last night and found about three times this amount. I didn't like to squash them, I've tied them in a plastic bag and put them in the bin, perhaps it's more humane to squash them? What do you do with your snails? Some of them are huge, maybe I should start eating them, escargots anyone?

Over 29 deg C in the shade!

I pick some flowers from the garden -big red paeonies, lilacs from the front garden and a few bluebells (the tulips and aquilegias I leave in the garden). The late evening sun falls across them emphasising the jewel like colours.

Sadly, no cycling again for me this weekend. I'm off now to rouse the kids and get them ready for swimming lessons. I'm sure we'll manage to get out and about in one way or another over the weekend, we're going to a barbeque at a farm this evening so I'm looking forward to that. I hope you enjoy your weekend wherever you are!


Anonymous said...

Your method of disposing of the snails was not the best, I wouldn't like to end my life in a plastic bag suffocating to death.
I usually put mine in a container and take them a long way away from home and release them, that is much kinder.
I think we are all entitled to a life and not one of us has the right to kill another, even humble snails.
Love your blog though.

Rustic Vintage Country said...

This weather is super isn't it! That photo of the lady's mantle is amazing and love puss cats nose, all lovely photos though. I must admit I couldn't put the snails in a bag like that but perhaps I'm a bit soft with living things. I don't have a garden unfortunately but when I take them from the allotment I put them in a big tub with a lid with holes in and set them free in the woods across the road or if I'm feeling really generous they go in the huge compost bin which they seem to love and they stay there.

Claire said...

Hey Anne sounds like you've been having some delightful weather and your flower pics are gorgeous. I loooove Lilacs, can't help with any tips about the plants that aren't performing!

Don't cats have a good life?.. hehe....

Enjoy the warmth and my tip for disposing of snails is to give them a saucer of beer and they can drink themselves silly and have a happy demise!!

The BBQ sounds like fun, I'm sure you'll enjoy it with the balmy evenings....

Claire :}

itsjustperi said...

I'm afraid I have to agree with not liking the plastic bag idea I used to put mine in a box and take them to the park when I had a garden.Apparently snails have some sort of homing instinct so the further away the better. As for your lilacs try this

Mereknits said...

Your pictures are so beautiful, sounds like a lovey way to spend the afternoon crocheting while your kids enjoy some water fun. Have fun at the BBQ.

Simone said...

Beautiful flowers and a lovely way to while away the hours in the garden with a bit of crochet. Enjoy the weekend! x

June said...

Great post! I love the dew drops photo and the tulip one! How old is your lilac tree that doesn't have too many flowers? Our lilac tree only had one flower on it for six years and then in year seven it went crazy and we had hundreds of flowers! Enjoy the rest of the weekend!

* said...

Love that pussy cat pic in front of the shell, just perfect!

The sunshine is lovely isn't it? We've all been out walking today, it was glorious, with clear views for miles on the tops of the hills....the only problem is, the weekend passes far too quickly for my liking!

Have a lovely weekend!

Lyn said...

Great photos again, I can't kill my snails I throw them into the overgrown garden next door knowing they will just come back!
Have a good Sunday.

Rattling On said...

House martin eggs are white, could you have them nearby?
I also don't kill snails, in fact I just leave them in the garden. I don't touch anything at all, they seem to find a balance. Birds and frogs love slugs and snails! (You can try copper piping placed round flower/veg beds. Slugs and snails get a shock off it and so don't generally try to go over it)

Louise said...

Great photos! The weather here in central England is much the same... too hot for me but we have to make the most of it anyway!

I can't believe you kill your snails - and suffocating in a bag too. I think squashing would have been kinder - at least it's instant!! I couldn't do it, I'd feel too bad. I leave all of nature alone, plus the snails are food for the birds!

Annie Cholewa said...

Gorgeous images, and the cake looks yummy (why do I always end up commenting on folks' cakes?!)

Snails here used to be removed but lately I've resorted to beer traps. I'm reluctant to kill slugs and snails but they can carry lung worm and as the dogs eat them and I value my dogs' lives above the gastropods' the snails have to go.

Happy gardening :D

rockinloubylou said...

the snails could do some good in the compost heap, or you could give them to our hens, who'd wolf them!

Gillian Roe said...

Lovely post, full of beautiful photos and vignettes. You have grown such fabulous flowers, that last photo of the vase is gorgeous. I love granny squares, never tire of them, and a kingsize blanket/throw sounds perfect.

We are plagued with snails here, I feel no love for them as they are eating EVERYTHING! I chuck them over the fence...makes me feel slightly better about the neighbour's cat pooing all over our garden (and I know it's their cat as I have seen it with my own eyes!).


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