Thursday 29 December 2011

On The Fifth Day Of Christmas...

Happy Christmas!

Stockings have been hung, filled and emptied. Christmas dinner was devoured and it was delicious. Instead of turkey we had a corn-fed-happy-pampered-chicken. To accompany it there was pancetta and lemon ciabbatta stuffing, pork stuffing balls, lincolnshire chipolatas, streaky bacon rolls, sprouts tossed with bacon and honey, roast potatoes, plain carrots and bread sauce (always packet). Just the four of us. Left overs are lasting well...

On boxing day we had 23 altogether - it was our turn to host my husband's family annual get-together. Everone brings something to eat and I wish I'd taken photos of the food. This year it seemed to be the year of the dessert. From my husband's youngest sister there was (all homemade) lemon meringue pie, passion fruit cheese cake and sticky toffee pudding. I made banoffi pie and key lime pie and hubby made brandy snaps. We were stuffed.

Next Sunday we do almost all of it again when we see my family on New Years Day for another present swap and roast dinner.

(The stuffing recipes were from the Good Food Christmas magazine.)

We've not spent all our time eating. A little family bike ride occurred on Tuesday morning. Before the stormy weather started again.

Shades of grey. A good time of year for bird and tree silhouettes. Graffitti and cycling jackets add a splash of colour.

And now... hubby is back at work. The children are being pretty good considering we're stuck indoors much of the time. I wouldn't say it's idyllic, when they argue and squabble it can drive me nuts, but we forget about these things (and the number of times I've cleaned the bathroom floor after toilet incidents!) and remember the fun times. We're particularly enjoying the new lego sets and the marble run N got for Christmas.

I just wish for a little less wind and less rain (and some sunshine would be lovely!)

Tonight I'm looking forward to the final episode of Great Expectations (anyone else been watching it?) and some more holiday crochet. MollyTheCat likes to play with the wool - a little, but not enough to be a nuisance. Which is good!


Unknown said...

You look like you had a beautiful Christmas! Even if the weather doesn't ease up at least your home looks lovely and cosy and there is always crochet!

Louise said...

I've been recording Great Expectations. I planned to watch it but we've been busy/tired/ill and have a 'good tv' backlog to get through when we can!

Sounds like you've had a nice's very wet and windy here too but we've had a few dry days up to now.

Have a great new year :)

Rustic Vintage Country said...

I'm watching Great Expectations and enjoying it. Just finished crocheting a throw which I've pictured on my blog if you want a peek. Today I've done a crochet rose which has turned out quite well. Love the sound of all your family gatherings! I also love the reindeer you have a picture of and the lovely Molly. Happy New Year!

Jackie said...

Glad to hear you had a lovely time ~ I'm just sitting here waiting for Great Expectations to come on and I'm really looking forward to it ~ it's been a real change from all the usual Christmassy stuff that's been on the tv! :O)x

rockinloubylou said...

Sorry to lower the tone, but can't resist suggesting that if you want less wind eat fewer sprouts xx

Mereknits said...

So happy you are having a wonderful Holiday, I am still cleaning up in the bathroom and my boys are older....maybe they never learn. Hugs to you.

Mrs. Micawber said...

"Passion fruit cheese cake" - what a beautiful string of words that is.

Love those bird shots. (I keep taking pictures of branches against the sky but somehow they never please me as much as the real thing did.) Also the still water with grasses and your furry yarn inspector.

I hope you get some sunshine soon!

Beth of The Linen Cat said...

You see, it says a lot about me (and my family) that of such a lovely post the thing that sticks out is 'packet bread sauce' - lol! that's a sin in our house, weird I know but the bread sauce made in the traditional family way is almost more important than the turkey. We did in fact debate packet verses homemade with my sisters other half, yet to be converted to either.

It all sounds lovely, especially the dessert list. I hope the new year's celebration goes well and you have a lovely day. Beth/The Linen Cat

VintageVicki said...

I have Great Expectations recorded on the FV+ box - am saving it for next week when I have to have few days rest after a little visit to hospital.

Your Boxing Day sounds good - we were 19 of us at my little sisters for a buffet tea - lovely & loud!!

driftwood said...

oooh love the sound of all that feasting, happy times x

sue said...

Looks and sounds like you had a fabulous Christmas, all that scrummy home baking, lovely! We watched Great Expectations brilliant wasn't it. All back to work today an air of gloom about the place especially from the cats who will have no laps to sit on ALL day LOL.


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