Thursday 28 July 2011

Holiday 2011 - Bits & Pieces

Holiday snaps part 3 - some of the little details...

N is now 3.

Bilingual road signs.

Mallaig fishing boats.

Tha Jacobite steam train arriving at Mallaig.

National speed limit applies.

A little house in the hills above Mallaig.

Love the orange roof and purple door, and the tiny extension.
A little bit of alfresco crochet above Mallaig at the end of my walk (the others were at the swimming pool). I was attempting to make Nikki Trench's Summer Evening Shawl (from this book) but I am starting to realise just how long this is going to take and all those chain stitches are soooo boring, I do not have high hopes of it ever being finished. It has been Put Aside for now.

A female common blue butterfly. Despite it being "common" it is the first time I have ever seen a blue butterfly. I was quite excited.

Funky umbellifer.

Rusty ring in a rock.

Seashells. We brought some home to add to our collection.

Rock pools with sea anemones.

Lots of tiny fish scooped up from the sea and sand.

Pinchy crab, holiday toenails.

The campsite.

Nice old Massey Ferguson tractor.

Brambles and thistles.

Pretty but prickly.

N meets a hen.

The bikes. We have a new contraption called a "followme" which allows A's bike to be attached to one of ours. It's apparently more stable than a tag-along and also means she can still use her own bike and ride independently when she likes. We like it.

Teddy came too.


Sheep skulls.

A boat in blue. At Port Appin on the way home.

Port Appin bunting.

Port Appin post box.

Cafe table view. Then home.


Simone said...

The photos are so inspiring and interesting. I do like the mini cake with three candles!

Anonymous said...

What lovely pictures, I must go back to Scotland one day it is so beautiful. Not only fishing boats but steam trains too, blissful.

Jude said...

Never been to Scotland, it looks lovely....maybe one day..looks like you had so much fun.

periwinkle said...

That sign still looks like a foreign language to me lol.... looks like a gorgeous place

Little stitch and me said...

Lovely photos looks like you had fun

Mrs. Micawber said...

More lovely shots! I love the fishing boats and the steam train. (Does Jacobite refer to its political leanings or something else?)

Those fish in the net look almost transparent!

silverpebble said...

This is the loveliest collection of images I've seen in ages. Thankyou!

Mister D said...

Looks to be in perfect peace - mmmm

Michelle said...

Great photos, especially the ones around Mallaig and Arisaig. We usually holiday on the West Coast/West Highlands area, and we've been there a few times, so it brought back good memories. In fact, we actually know someone who lives in Back Of Keppoch (on the road sign) and we usually try and pay a visit when we're passing, although the first time we tried to find her was interesting, despite the road signs! Making me feel very nostalgic for a trip back to Scotland! xx


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