Thursday 13 May 2010

Out and About

The week's whizzing by, I've a little ctaching up to do...

Back to last weekend and on Saturday we visited a local agricultural show. We cycled there along the cycle path which involves a bit of doubling back and adds on a few extra miles, but it's worth it to avoid going on the roads with the trailer & tag-along. So it was ten miles there, ten miles back (towing N who's big for his age!), and my ride earlier in the day was about 20 miles, so no typo, it was about 40 miles altogether, but not all at once. I don't consider myself particularly fit - I still get puffed out just carrying N up the stairs! I suppose I've just been cycling for years and have built up the necessary muscles over time.

Anyway, straight after arriving at the show hubby took A for a shot on the bouncy castle (we thought it best to get it over and done with and that it might stop the pestering, some hope!)...

...while N and I watched the vintage tractor display. N was delighted, off to a good start!

Next we visited the alpacas. This kept both A & N amused for quite a while. They are indeed rather cute.

After a burger and hotdog (next time we'd take a picnic!), the industrial tent was open for inspection. I was looking forward to this part but had to zoom round as N didn't enjoy it at all and didn't hesitate in letting everyone know. I took a few hasty photos not just for my blog but also so I could inspect them for myself later.

First of all we have a floral arrangement in a shoe (who on earth thinks up the categories!)

Next the usual vegetable animals. The melon critter won 1st prize and he does indeed stand out, but what is he? To me he at first looks like a hedgehog but with big spots instead of prickles, hmmm.

And finally, the miniature gardens. These look quite fun to do. I think it's for under 12's only so sadly I wouldn't be able to enter(!).

And that's all from the tent, unfortunately.

Back outside and we have a highland dance competition. The oufits required are quite expensive, the socks alone cost a fortune (well, about £70 which is not cheap for a pair of socks!) as they are all hand knitted. Perhaps a business opportunity for all you sock knitters out there?

N finally cheers up when he gets a shot on one of the tractors.

So not really a very relaxing day out. N is often quite a grumpy little boy though I don't usually mention it here. Probably teething or something, I'm sure he'll grow out of it, hopefully soon!

Now to Tuesday. It was our sponsored toddle - an annual fundraising event for the local toddler group.

Ever since I've been doing it we've always been blessed with good weather. This year being no exception (good weather here being any weather which does not invlove rain - despite the sunny skies it's still cold).

The cherry blossom at the steeple is in bloom, I take a couple of photos coming back up through the village after the toddle on my way to collect A from nursery.

And finally to yesterday, Wednesday. On impulse we set off to try and find a bluebell wood.

We're still a little too early. Perhaps we'll try again next week.

A pause back at the car park before going home. N was grumpy again on this trip and I spent most of the time carrying him on my shoulders. We did walk quite far though and A did really well. Next time we'll take the pram for N as the paths in the woods were wide enough.

And today we had rain! It hasn't rained here for ages it actually seems unusual! So now it's not just cold but wet too. However, I've just checked the forecast and the rain isn't to last long plus it should start to warm up a little next week. Hurrah! Even to 17C on Wed afternoon, that may be a little hot, need to make sure we've got some ice cream in the freezer...


Julie said...

I really enjoyed reading about your week. It sound like you spend your time in quite a similar way to us! My kids love the alpacas at our local farmer's market and they are undeniably cute. My Finn can be quite a grump but he is easier as he's got older - he loves reading now and can absorb himself in that for ages which helps a lot! And there's always something - teeth, colds - when they are as little as N. Juliex

topchelseagirl said...

Any excuse for ice-cream lol. Thanks for taking us along on your days out.

Anonymous said...

Fab post, I have very fond memories of many country fairs and our local shows back in Yorkshire, it's funny how they all have similar traits, I loved making mini gardens on a plate, I always used to add a vegetable patch!

Our bluebells are out, you've reminded me we were going to walk in the local woods with the boys today but a day in the garden was needed so maybe it's one for tomorrow.

My boys are often grumpy, they can ruin a day out if the mood takes them, it's definitely easier as they are getting older. Bethx

Cathy said...

Hi Anne, really enjoyed the photos as usual. Flower arrangements in shoes...hmmm. I thought the melon hedgehog was good though. Your cycling makes me feel tired in sympathy but in the last two days I have walked about 10 miles and today got a right old soaking, so I haven't been too lazy either.

Just to let you know I have blogged about the giveaway goodies you sent me. I pinched the lit tealight robin picture from you though as mine wasn't lit and it looks so beautiful when the candle is shining through.

Poppy said...

What a lovely day out…Alpacas are so funny too watch, I would love to have some.
Thanks for sharing your day out! :0)

Love Lou xxx

Jennyff said...

I can hardly believe that its show time again, be Christmas before we know it.

Lyn said...

I love going out and about with you and your family Anne. We too went looking for bluebells and like you yhink we went a week too early. Thank you for leaving a comment on my 1940s post! (those shoes!)

Maureen said...

Re the Highland Fling outfits. I believe it is the same with the Irish dancing outfits. When you think that the dancing started out as something people just 'did' - an industry has developed!

The Irish dancers even have fake hair!


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